Sustainability Services

We can help you develop sustainable business practices and achieve an authentic certification.

The public appetite for businesses to be more ethical, offering products and services built on sustainable foundations, is increasing and so is the need to act. The 2016 Paris Agreement, which is signed by 189 countries, includes committing to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030 and collaborating to this end. Now, more than ever, it is time to play your part, no matter how small, to help mitigate a climate disaster. We are here to help you meet these demands and embrace sustainability.

Go Green Sustainability provides consultation and authentic sustainable accreditation for any size and sector of business enterprise. We are a small company, offering a hands-on personal service, with an emphasis on building a supportive, close working relationship with our clients. All our clients are assigned a personal manager to assess, plan and guide them through their sustainability journey.

We are proud to provide services in the UK and Barbados

Our Certification Services

We provide 4 types of certifications for small, medium and large sized businesses in multiple sectors and a unique program for rental properties and small B&Bs. We offer affordable, quality services using a structured path to deliver sustainability to suit your needs. All our certifications have built-in ISO compliances, CO2 emissions reduction targets and are reviewed yearly to keep abreast of any changes, such as Covid-19 government guidelines assessment.

We are the UK partner for Green Globe, a global leader in the hotel and business sustainability certifications industry for large enterprises.

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Certifications for small-medium size organisations in any sector, but also a strategic move as a transition to a Green Globe certification for large companies.

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Sustainability certifications geared to the hospitality sector such as: restaurants, bars, cafes, event venues, pubs and any business serving food or drink.

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A unique certification designed for rental properties, B&Bs and Serviced Apartment businesses that will deliver green credentials and attract the green traveler.

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We offer a FREE phone call to discuss sustainability and your business

Benefits of our certifications

A sustainability certification that embeds sustainable practices in your operations will provide short and long term gains such as:

People Profit Planet

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Lucy, she went above and beyond with her level of support by offering practical advice, recommending useful trade contacts and demonstrating innovative products that will help us to achieve our sustainability goals.

Lucy is exceptionally knowledgeable, she is a true professional in her field and that shines through in her passion for sustainability. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

We have had lovely positive feedback from our clients, and we can also sleep easy, knowing that we are doing our bit for the planet!"

Sarah McDermott

Director @ Maison Parfaite Exquisite Holiday homes

Sustainable Business

Today Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), along with Carbon reporting is common practice in the corporate business world and the pressure from consumers and clients to practice sustainable values will continue to build with every passing year. At the same time, there is a growing demand for true accountability, that can be trusted. Independently verified achievements stand out in a busy marketplace and provide trusted proof of a business’s claims, motivation and will attract the more conscious clients looking for services aligned with their own beliefs. The key principals of sustainability are built on these three pillars in equal measure: Planet, Profit, People. A sustainably run business is one that makes a good profit but not at the expense of the environment and people.

There is also an increasing need for supply chain B 2 B carbon reduction and sustainable practices accountability. When a large company buys services or products to enable them to do business, they need their suppliers to demonstrate their own commitment. The most effective way to communicate your commitment to sustainability is by signing up to a certification program that results in a verified accreditation. This will provide peace of mind for you and your clients. A transparent, well communicated, sustainability certification also creates public awareness which is crucial in the process required to drive the change the world needs. It is a momentum builder, a trend setter and there is no better reason than the future of our children and grandchildren living on a safe, healthy, inclusive planet.

What sort of businesses do we provide sustainability consulting or certifications for?

We can provide both services to any business or organisation that would like assistance with how to adopt sustainable practices relevant to their scale, location and complexity. With the option in the future to continue to an authenticated sustainability credential.

Where is a good place to start your sustainability journey?

We recommend that you start by talking to a sustainability professional. We offer a FREE one hour phone discussion to understand your business scope, impacts and operational systems and how best we can help you plan a strategy that’s relevant to you. We will explain how our certification programs work and where they can help your journey.

Why get a sustainability certification?

There are three main reasons to make a commitment to a sustainability certification / accreditation.

  1. Our process provides a detailed list of compliance standards relevant to your business size, location and scope, removing any guesswork and stress often associated with this process.
  2. All our certifications are verified by our professional auditor. They collect proof and evidence of your criteria compliance during the comprehensive onsite audit.
  3. You are issued a digital certified accreditation badge to communicate your achievements.

A sustainability certification will clearly demonstrate to your clients verified trustworthy proof of your commitment to sustainability and prove your claims are authentic, honest and of the highest standard.

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