Responsible Rental Solutions

Certification for rental and accommodation properties

RRS is a sustainability certification body with a program designed specifically for owners of rental properties (long and short lets), small guest houses, Serviced Apartment businesses and B&Bs.

We are here to help you adopt sustainable practices to drive positive change and help you demonstrate clear authentic credentials of your commitment to eco-friendly standards. Our certifications include a list of compliance standards to work with, support services, a personal manager and the audit all for one price (please see below).

We are members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as recommended by Booking.com and the International Ecotourism Society.

Do travelers look at how ‘green’ a property is before they book?

Tourism is experiencing a massive shift towards sustainability that supports the global move towards addressing climate change. For example, Booking.com research (2022) showed 81% of global travellers say sustainable travel is important to them, whilst 57% say they feel better when they stay in sustainable accommodation  when is shows clear eco-labelling. The certified badge we award provides clarity and tangible proof that your property is run using sustainable practices, giving you a competitive edge over the competition and allowing prospective guests to make informed decisions.

"I am so happy to have the Responsible Rental Solutions certification. It enhances what I’m trying to do at Pearl. The certification helps me to attract the conscience traveller and they often appreciated the extra sustainable measures. I hugely value our great partnership and advise Lucy gives me every year."

Judith Daniel : Bespoke yoga and holistic island living. Pearl, Barbados

We offer a 1 hour FREE preliminary phone call assessment for any business, please get in touch


Below is a price list for single properties. If you have a B&B, small guest house or block of SAs use the 1 bed price to guide you. We will, after a phone assessment, offer more competitive rates for these types of properties.

    Preliminary phone call assessment
    Phone guidance
    Onsite audit
    Information about alternative products and services
    Provide a printable certification and logo
    Social media strategies
    Working with property managers to organise compliance
    Arranging service providers
    Property is linked on this website

    1 Bed
    2 Bed
    3 Bed
    4 Bed
    5 Bed
    6 Bed

The subsequent years audit costs are reduced by 30%

No VAT charged

Levels of Certification

Level 1 Award

Comply with 50% of the standards

Level 2 Award

Comply with 75% of the standards

Level 3 Award

Comply with 100% of the standards

Certification Details

There are 30 compliance standards of which 7 are mandatory and a minimum of 50% compliance is required to pass. The aim is to improve each year, complying with more standards. The standards are re-evaluated each year to keep up with global responsible best practices. (e.g. Covid-19)

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