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responsible rental solutions


Green Globe is the highest standard for sustainability worldwide

We offer a sustainable practices certification for rental properties of any size.

Green Globe Advantages for Tourism & all Businesses


Green Globe Business Certification with Lucy agace

Today businesses across all industries can get certification to provide independent assurance that their enterprises operate sustainably. For more than two decades Green Globe has been providing sustainability certification for various sectors within the international travel and tourism industry. The Green Globe Standard has been applied to a great variety of business types from accommodation and hospitality, tour operators, event planners to public relations firms, golf courses and transportation.


Green Globe Solutions for Sustainable Management

Join the community of hundreds of professionals across the world using Green Globe Solutions (GGS) to create and operationalize their companies’ sustainability management plan. GGS is an easy to use on-line system based on Green Globe’s internationally recognized Standard for Sustainable Tourism. Lucy Agace our agent in Barbados and the UK can help you realise your commitment to change and help build your company’s sustainable operations.

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Green Globe Standard For Sustainable Tourism

At Green Globe we know that to truly make a difference we must commit to becoming sustainable. The Green Globe International Standard for Sustainable Tourism has been developed over decades of research and development. It is the original Standard that all tourism eco-labels are based on. So if you want to do the very best for the planet, you need to meet the very best Standard there is for sustainable tourism.

Join now here with Lucy Agace.

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responsible rental solutions

Along with our other 3rd party certification audit schemes we can now provide one for rental properties. There are 30 standards to comply with and 7 of them are mandatory. To give you an example: It is mandatory to provide guests with filtered water so they don’t have to keep buying bottled water. You must also instruct them, prior to arrival, to bring a portable water bottle. Home cleaning products need to be environmentally friendly, these are widely available nowadays. There are 3 levels of certification 5 stars is the highest level awarded to properties that comply with 100% of standards.

We will soon include Responsible Restaurants and other small businesses certifications.