Go Green Sustainability certification

We are proud to provide services in the UK and Barbados.

We are passionate about creating more public awareness around sustainability and how everyone gains from engaging with it. Certification (backed up by displaying a certified badge) is a proven way any business, whether they are hotels, sport centers or estate agents can attract more customers and be part of the climate change mitigation solution. We have designed this certification for small to medium sized hotels, large guest houses and any small business that wishes to adopt sustainable practices and get eco-friendly credentials. Our services are an excellent choice as a stand alone certificate of sustainability, but can also work as a transition towards getting a Green Globe certificate in years to come. In todays challenging markets it is becoming expected to have some sort of “green” credentials. We can offer advice on how to honestly “green up” your business without the certification, if that is the level you want to begin your journey with.

What is Sustainability and what does it mean for running a business? In a nutshell sustainability means “during the process of running a business you meet your needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. There are three main sections:


    • Rational use and protection of the environment and prevent nature from being used as an inexhaustible resource


    • Foster the development of people, communities and cultures to achieve reasonable quality of life, healthcare and education


    • Growth that brings wealth for all, jobs and profit without harming the environment

With this in mind, our standards include the key criteria as set out by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the UNSDG. These standards provide a balance between economic growth, protection of the environment, customer experience and the social well being of staff and local communities.

We also take into consideration -

  • Protecting Biodiversity and Endangered Species

  • Conservation of Natural Resources and Habitat

  • Waste Management and Clean Energy

  • Carbon Offsetting

  • Support for Communities and Environmental Projects

These are all critical aspects of what it means to be sustainable and eco-friendly.



Displaying our certified logo on your digital platforms will provide prospective clients or guests the proof they are looking for that your business or property is eco-friendly. Stand out from the crowd and be found! Our achievable but high standards will provide peace of mind for both parties.

CERtification process

After an initial enquiry we can visit the premises, discuss your options and suggest the right package for your business. Once you have agreed a package and the contract has been signed your process can begin. When we have agreed that you comply with the minimum the audit is booked and completed. Certification documents arrive within a week.

There are 82 standards in total, including 34 mandatory ones, and to gain certification a 50% minimum pass rate is required. We offer two service level packages to help you through the process:

  • Regular - Initial site visit and introduction, preparation phone guidance, the onsite audit, a list of immersive experiences, information about alternative products and services, promotion through our social media outlets, working with managers to supply waste management resources.

  • Premium - All the above plus:  staff training, arranging service providers and supplying waste management resources, onsite guidance and pre-assessments prior to completion of audit, business links from our website.

  • NOTE - Premium service rates reduce by 30% after the first years audit for each following year. 

certification audit

Audits are carried out on a yearly basis, to ensure compliance is maintained, in order to keep your GGS Certified badge. Each year you commit to improve by complying with more standards, leading to a higher level award. The certification badge we award provides tangible proof that your business is run using sustainable practices, giving you a competitive edge over the competition and allowing prospective guests to make informed decisions. We will also add your certified business achievement to our website and social media outlets.

  • Implementing sustainable practices can have a positive effect on:

    • Reducing operating costs

    • Attract new customers

    • Enhance staff relations and engagement

    • Increase brand reputation connected to businesses’ new green dimension

    • Create marketing opportunities

    • Drive positive change


go green sustainability provides certification standards for the following Industry categories:



If you are interested in a Green Globe certification but don’t have the staff to implement the process a Go Green Sustainability certification is an excellent way to transition the process. It can often take a few years to be fully Green Globe certified why not take it easy and get a certification whilst you are progressing.

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Harlequin shrimp

These amazingly beautiful shrimp were photographed in Indonesia home to some of the last undamaged coral reefs, bursting with colour and vibrancy.

Diving here is like descending into a fantasy land of flora and fauna such is the variety of exquisite marine life.


striated frogfish

During a snorkel off Speightstown beach Barbados I found a group of Striated Frogfish, the orange one was female and extremely bloated full of eggs and the 3 black ones would not leave her alone.

The black males were all in competition to fertilise her eggs which she was about to release. A fascinating and rare encounter and one I was very lucky to see.