Responsible Rental Solutions

We have developed our certification standards based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) International Standards criteria, Green Globe, the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our standards provide a balance between economic growth, protection of the environment, customer experience and the social well being of staff and local communities. We also take into consideration protecting biodiversity and endangered species, waste management and the conservation of resources and natural habitat; these are a critical aspects of what it means to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

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 The International Tourism Market is experiencing a massive shift towards responsible travel that supports the global move towards addressing climate change. Recognizing these trends, we have developed a certification program to help property owners capitalize on this shift in traveler’s preferences. Research has shown that 70% of travellers say they would prefer to stay in eco-friendly accommodation. Whilst over 37% say they can’t easily identify it because there is no visible certification badge or logo. Displaying the certified logo on your digital platforms will provide prospective guests the proof they are looking for. Our achievable but high standards will provide peace of mind for both parties. Helping travellers leave only a positive; social, environmental and economic footprint on their destination.

What We Do

Our mission is to make sustainable tourism an economically viable, socially accountable, and environmentally transparent way of life. We strive to promote healthier more conscience living for us and for our environment and to allow future generations to meet their own needs. By obtaining a RRS Certification, owners will ensure their properties provide the solution for the demand from travellers looking to continue their ‘at home ’ eco lifestyle whilst abroad. 

Part of the services we can provide include property staff training. We have found that training helps the staff understand why they are adopting new practices and how it will benefit them, their communities and the owner. We believe by being certified and sharing your achievement in the digital world, together, we can create and increase local and global awareness. We are working on supplying a list of sustainably certified restaurants.

Why Do This

Global: There are many reasons for promoting and supporting sustainable practices as a transparent choice for both travellers and tourism business owners. Change is vital if we are to limit global warming to 1.5C, as set out by the Paris Agreement in 2016.

Social/Economic: By buying local produce and craft we support local entrepreneurs which results in raising the living standards of every man, woman and child. They have more money to spend locally and wealth is spread to a wider circle of people. Social acceptability and inclusion grow with financial gain. Economic growth from the ground up. It also means we import less food/products cutting CO2 emissions involved in transportation. 

Environmental: Cutting our CO2 emissions, reducing the use of natural resources, consuming local produce, responsible wildlife interactions and waste management are proven ways to reduce the negative impacts of tourism. 

Certification Process

To achieve certification you need to comply with a minimum of 50% of the total standard criteria, which include the seven mandatory ones. If you need guidance to assess your property’s ability to comply we can either take your call or make an assessment visit to your property. The onsite audit can be arranged after this. The audit is carried out by our fully trained sustainability auditor. The full cost is paid on the audit day and the owner or authorised signatory will need to sign our contract of service agreement. Assuming the criteria are met, you will be awarded the certification on the audit day and within a week sent the documentation.

Certification is awarded on three levels

Level 1 = Comply with 50% of the standards.  Awarded 2 Stars

Level 2 = Comply with 75% of the standards.  Awarded 3 stars

Level 3 = Comply with 100% of the standards. Awarded 5 Stars

Certification/Audit Costs

Audits are carried out on a yearly basis, to ensure compliance is maintained, in order to keep your RRS Certified badge. Each property is committed to improve every year, complying with more standards, leading to a higher level award. This charge covers your onsite 3rd party audit, resources information, property promotion through media outlets and a free copy of the Barbados Dive Guide Book worth US$18. You will be able to use the certified logo on all your paper and digital marketing platforms. We will also be adding certified properties to our website, social media platforms, along with a list of certified Responsible Restaurants. 

We believe to keep up with developments within the sustainability market and local laws, RRS re-evaluates the standards criteria every year. RRS will introduce new standards at any time, but they would only need to be complied with at the next audit. Whether your rental property is a studio condo or a five bedroom villa the standard criteria are the same.

The cost of certification is based on how many bedrooms and bathrooms your property has. In the case of some larger properties, a large or small group of apartments under one management system and set of staff we can provide a free onsite assessment and individual cost agreement. Please get in touch for details HERE 

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One small step by each of us, is a giant step for mankind.