Fundamentals of Sustainability


There are many reasons for promoting and supporting sustainable practices as a transparent choice for all of us – individual, business, government and finance. Change is vital if we are to limit global warming to1.5C by 2030. Climate change mitigation is urgent, and we should not wait for governments and corporates to take the necessary action or lead the way, we all need to play our part. As Covid-19 has proven, we are all in this together and together we must find our way out. If being a leader is where you want to position your organisation then we are here to listen and help you achieve your goals.


By hiring locally and buying local produce, products and craft we support local entrepreneurs which results in raising the living standards of every man, woman and child. Social acceptability and inclusion grow with financial gain – economic growth from the ground up. Buying local also means we import less food/products, cutting CO2 emissions involved in their transportation.


Planetary boundaries have shifted; Earth has moved into the Anthropocene era where human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Cutting our CO2 emissions, reducing the use of natural resources, consuming less, responsible wages and waste management are proven ways to reduce the negative impacts of business.

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