Sustainable Travel

We know that hospitality professionals, travellers and locals alike are already feeling the impact of unsustainable travel. From pollution and the destruction of natural habitats to overcrowding and strain on local infrastructure. Some of the highest risk destinations are the ones we love most, they need protection. That makes sustainability not just an ethical priority, but a business one.’s 2020 survey found that demand for sustainable accommodation is growing year on year:  82% of global travellers identified sustainable travel as important to them and 70% say they’re more likely to book accommodation if they know it’s eco-friendly – even if they weren’t looking for an eco-friendly property in the first place.

But more needs to be done to help travellers fulfil these aspirations. Half of those surveyed believe there are not enough sustainable travel options available to them, and 38% don’t know how or where to find such options.

If you are in the travel or hospitality business we are here to help you find the right tools for you to become more sustainably run. We have a choice of step by step certifications available or we can just give you some guidance. We also provide a 1-2-1 FREE phone discussion to undertsnad your business and make suggestions. Working together we can make a positive difference.

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