Eco Friendly Certification

Eco Friendly Certification


Rental Property Sustainability Certification

In today’s challenging tourist market, Responsible Rental Solutions (RRS) is here to assist you meet the demands of sustainable tourism. RRS is a sustainability certification body with a program designed specifically for rental property owners and owners of small guest houses. We are here to help you on your journey to adopt sustainable practices and acknowledge your current commitment. We are members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and the International Ecotourism Society.


We have developed our certification standards based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) International Baseline Standards, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and with the 2019 Barbados government bans on single-use plastic and styrofoam (Barbados).

The International Tourism Market is experiencing a massive shift towards responsible travel that supports the global move towards addressing climate change. Research has shown that 70% of travellers say they would prefer to stay in eco-friendly accommodation. Whilst over 37% say they can’t easily identify it because there is no visible certification badge or logo. Recognising these trends, we have developed a certification program to help property owners capitalise on this shift in traveler’s preferences. Displaying our certified logo on your digital platforms will provide prospective guests the proof they are looking for that your property is eco-friendly. Our achievable but high standards will provide peace of mind for both parties. Helping travellers leave only a positive; social, environmental and economic footprint during their visit.

Our mission is to make sustainable tourism an economically viable, socially accountable, and environmentally transparent way of life. We strive to promote healthier more conscience living for us and for our environment and to allow future generations to meet their own needs.

We offer two service levels to assist property owners through the certification process.

  • Our Regular service includes: a preliminary property visit, phone guidance, the onsite audit, information about alternative products and services, certification and promotion through our social media outlets.

  • Our Premium service includes all the above plus: staff training, working with property managers, arranging service providers, multiple onsite guidance and property is linked on this website.

  • NOTE - Premium service rates reduce by 30% after the first years audit.

Why do it 

Global: There are many reasons for promoting and supporting sustainable practices as a transparent choice for both travellers and tourism business owners. Change is vital if we are to limit global warming to 1.5C, as set out by the Paris Agreement in 2016. Climate change is upon us and it is up to every human being on Earth to make a difference. 

Social/Economic: By buying local produce and craft we support local entrepreneurs which results in raising the living standards of every man, woman and child. Social acceptability and inclusion grow with financial gain, economic growth from the ground up. Buying local also means we import less food/products cutting CO2 emissions involved in transportation. 

Environmental: Cutting our CO2 emissions, reducing the use of natural resources, consuming local produce, responsible wildlife interactions and waste management are proven ways to reduce the negative impacts of tourism. 

Research has shown that tourists who have stayed in sustainable certified accommodation leave with a ‘feel good factor’, knowing they have left only a positive footprint on their destination.

Certification Process

To achieve certification you need to comply with a minimum of 50% of the total standard criteria, which include the seven mandatory ones. If you need guidance to assess your property’s ability to comply we can either take your call or make an assessment visit to your property. The onsite audit can be arranged after this. The audit is carried out by our fully trained independent auditor. The full cost is paid on the audit day and the owner or authorised signatory will need to sign our contract of service agreement. Assuming the criteria are met, you will be awarded the certification on the audit day and within a week sent the documentation. The certification badge we award provides tangible proof that your property is run using sustainable practices, giving you a competitive edge over the competition and allowing prospective guests to make informed decisions. Your certified property will be added to our property page showing your achievement. 

Certification is awarded on three levels

  • Level 1 = Comply with 50% of the standards.  Awarded 2 Stars

  • Level 2 = Comply with 75% of the standards.  Awarded 3 stars

  • Level 3 = Comply with 100% of the standards. Awarded 5 Stars


Audits are carried out on a yearly basis, to ensure compliance is maintained, in order to keep your RRS Certified Badge. Each property is committed to improve every year, complying with more standards, leading to a higher level award. The cost will depend on the service package that you choose and these are listed on the prices link below. There are no membership fees on top of these prices.


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