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No matter the size of your restaurant, bar or pub “going green” or becoming more sustainable may seem like a daunting task at first but we can help with all aspects of the transition. With a growing shift towards responsible tourism that addresses climate change issues we have developed our certification program to help the restaurant industry capitalise on this trend.

Whether it’s organising local suppliers or services, waste management companies or pre-audit assessments, we make it easier for you. By applying energy efficient practices to the operations, your company can help conserve natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. Staff training shows results in creating awareness, greater customer experience and staff relations.

We will market your business on our social media outlets both in the UK and Barbados giving you unparalleled international exposure. In these changing times an Eco Credential will keep you ahead of your competitors, provide your customers with the knowledge their experience has left a positive impact and attract more business.


certification process

Working towards a certification can take a month or two but you have control of the process and we can guide you as much or as little as you require.

To achieve certification you need to comply with a minimum of 50% of the total standard criteria, which include the 16 mandatory ones. Half the standards in each section will need to be passed. If you need guidance to assess your business’s ability to comply we can either take your call or make an assessment visit to your property. The onsite audit can be arranged after this. The audit is carried out by our fully trained sustainability auditor and you will be told on the day your score and award. You will be free to use the certified logo/badge on all your paper and digital marketing platforms. If you have any questions about any of the standards just get in touch, we are here to help you.

Certification is awarded on two levels

Level 1 = Comply with 50% of the standards.   Awarded 3 Stars

Level 2 = Comply with 100% of the standards. Awarded 5 Stars


certification audit

Audits are carried out on a yearly basis, to ensure compliance is maintained, in order to keep your RR Certified badge. Each site, commits to improving each year, complying with more standards with the aim of a higher level award. The full cost is paid on the audit day and the owner must sign our contract of service agreement. The standards will grow in number and be re-evaluated each year to keep up with global Sustainable Tourism Best Practices and local laws. RR will introduce new standards at any time, but they would only need to be complied with at the next audit. 

The cost of certification is based on how many employees you have, (including cleaners and part time staff) and which package below suits your business. Any part time staff are counted as a half each. We can make individual agreements with restaurants that have multiple sites.

we offer three service packages to meet your needs:


  • pre-audit phone guidance and assessment

  • the onsite audit

  • social media marketing

    (facebook, Instagram, website links)


All the Regular services plus

  • staff training

  • arranging service providers

call or whatsapp

Uk +44 (0)7767 357749

Barbados +1 246 230 5464

For more information and prices of any of these services click HERE


All the other services plus

  • multiple onsite assessments and guidance

  • gathering of necessary paperwork

  • providing policy documents

  • local multi media marketing

Lucy has helped us start the Green Globe process and we look forward to continuing with her. She inspires everyone to care for the planet.
— Paul Bourne, PEG Farm, Barbados