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Lucy Agace

Having scuba dived for over 30 years around the world and seen firsthand the negative impact climate change and pollution is having on our beautiful marine environment I can see it’s time for change.

Over the last few years, since my two children have grown up and become more independent, I have taken a more active role in this change.

I believe it is possible for everyone to make a difference and when companies lead the way others will follow. Getting certified is a large part of spreading awareness and building momentum towards real change.


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underwater photography & books

A passion for marine life led to using a camera on my second dive, even before digital photography was born. Now that was a challenge! Some years later after travelling the worlds oceans aboard a yacht I became an U/W photography instructor with INON UK.

I published my first book in 1997 and went on to publish two more books the Barbados Dive Guide in 2005 and the 2nd edition in 2015, seen here.

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Barbados has been a second home to me for nearly 20 years and where I still spend a large part of the year looking after my clients there. Working on a Government Environmental Advisory Group has enabled me to be part of the changes that are taking place on Barbados where sustainability is the new ‘buzz word’.

Importation of many single use plastic items and styrofoam have been banned starting April 2019.

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taking action

Plastic in our oceans is a huge problem and I organise beach and underwater clean ups wherever and whenever I can.

I visit schools to give presentations about marine life, coral reefs and how plastic is effecting them and how we can all try to ‘Say No To Plastic’. Building public awareness of the damage caused by non-biodegradable waste, CO2 emissions, GHG and the catastrophic consequence of rising sea temperatures are also major passions.

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corall barbados

Volunteering with the Corall Reef Alliance Barbados is a huge honour. As Vice President my work involves organising reef assessments, scoping and project managing the monitoring of our 3 sites of successful coral out plants.

This charity is one of the organisations that you can sponsor as part of your Green Globe commitments to supporting local environmental issues.

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Green Globe

It seems like a natural progression to move from marine conservation to a larger scale operation that can make a bigger impact on environmental conservation. I chose Green Globe to work with because they have the highest standards. I believe helping hotels, restaurants and basically any business to become more sustainable will lead to better Corporate Social Responsibility and a safer environment for us all to live in and enjoy for years to come.

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