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Lucy Agace Owner/Founder of Go Green Sustainability

BACKGROUND - Go Green Sustainability was born out of a deep understanding of the rich biodiversity of marine life. The experience of collecting data whilst studying the characteristics and relationships of corals and marine life all over the world for over 35 years, taught Lucy about the fragility of this precious environment. Coral reefs are the most fragile ecosystems on the planet and support 25% of the planet’s species, making them a highly valuable natural resource (Natural Capital). Oceans play an important role in slowing Climate Change by absorbing over 30% of global CO2 emissions and energy created by other GHGs (data NCEI NOAA).

MISSION - Our mission is to be part of the solution to help mitigate climate change by helping businesses reduce carbon emissions,  adopt sustainable practices and drive positive actions to benefit all. We understand that SME's play a huge part of B2B story and because of this our mission is to offer specific green certifications for this area of commerce through the Go Green Sustainability program.

Having spent many years in Barbados, Lucy was a founder member of CORALL (Coral Reef Restoration Alliance) during its’ inception back in 2016. She was proud to serve as the Vice President the following year and stepped down in 2020 due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Her volunteering for coral reef research, monitoring and conservation continues and always will. As a scuba diver of over 35 years, Lucy has been lucky enough to travel the world and experience for herself the underwater marvels, and she is passionate about protecting this environment.  

Working in coral reef restoration brought valuable experience with the International Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Building community outreach programs, organising coral nursery monitoring and defining strategies to build successful coral restoration projects were all part of her journey. Lucy will always remain deeply connected to Barbados and CORALL.

Being able to provide both consulting and audited sustainability certifications gives Go Green Sustainability a unique position in this arena.

We have an active Associate program and are keen to work with more young individuals who are enthusiastic to work in the field of sustainability. The associate program continues to grow and if anyone would like to find out more about it, please get in touch via our contact page.

Lucy Agace is contributing columnist for 2 magazines in Barbados. Sporting Barbados and Barbados Property News, she writes about scuba diving experiences the coral reefs and sustainable tips for properties and new developments. Lucy is also a columnist for Blue Bricks and Luxury BnB  magazines. 

Here are a links to a few issues:

Lucy has been involved in property development and investing with developers for many years, building projects in England, Scotland, France and Barbados. Sustainable development is the only future, with our advice and unique certification, developers can be placed ahead of their competitors and create faster, easier to sell homes. Lucy relishes the opportunity to collaborate with developers to advance the use of sustainable practices during the planning stage. Please use the Contact page to get in touch about this subject.

Creating Awareness

Plastic in our oceans is a huge environmental and health problem. Reducing plastic from our everyday lives will help reduce the need for and cost of recycling. This is important because recycling streams are not correctly managed, and many are dysfunctional. We also need to correctly dispose of our plastic and other unwanted items, choosing to reuse, repurpose or give it away. Keeping plastic out of our oceans (and our food chain) is a big issue which is why I organise beach and underwater clean ups wherever and whenever I can. I also enjoy visiting schools to give presentations that include short videos about marine life, and coral reefs. Plus, we discuss the different types of plastic, how it is affecting the environment and how we can all try to ‘Say No To Plastic’. Please get in touch via the contact page if you would like a free school or community presentation visit, because this is something I’m passionate about doing.

"Just a note to say thank you so much for the wonderful talk you gave the year 2 classes. The feedback has been amazing! All the kids were full of facts and information last night, it seems they have learnt a lot. The books have gone down a storm too and your photos are stunning. Thank you!"

Sam Reynolds

Amesbury School, Hants

Committing to a certification with us, takes all the guess work out of your sustainability journey.

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